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Is Invisalign Right for You?

Do you want your smile to be more straight? As the name implies, Invisalign is a set of almost undetectable aligners that we use over a few months to gradually straighten your teeth.

Find out if you qualify for clear aligner treatment from one of our Invisalign in Airdrie dentists if you dislike the way metal braces appear. You can transform both your life and your smile with Invisalign braces. 

What is Invisalign?

A series of clear trays called Invisalign gradually realigns your teeth. After a personalized mold of your teeth is created, you will receive the first tray from your dentist near you. Your teeth will slightly change shape as a result of this. After that, you’ll get a second tray that will marginally alter your teeth even more.

You’ll finally have the straight teeth you were hoping for after using several trays. In this manner, the benefits of braces are obtained without the need for noticeable wear. Following points are some things to keep in mind regarding this form of orthodontic treatment: 

  • Adults and Teens

It is preferable for older teens and adults to use Invisalign. Children and younger adolescents shouldn’t use it because their teeth are still developing and shifting. For older teens and adults, Invisalign’s discreteness is a big plus because neither wants to seem like kids again, nor does either want to have braces visible in photos of themselves attending prom, graduating, or other significant high school events.

  • Individuals Seeking Discreet Braces

Although using metal brackets and wires, which can be unattractive, is a drawback of traditional metal braces, they are incredibly successful for straightening smiles. Because Invisalign aligners can discreetly correct teeth, many people prefer them to traditional braces.

  • People with Adaptable Schedules

Before committing to Invisalign near you, you should think about how it will affect your schedule because the process requires patients to see the dentist every few weeks for new aligners to be fitted. The best option for you might be classic metal braces if you are unable to schedule and maintain monthly appointments.

  • You Practice Good Dental Hygiene

For Invisalign trays to work, you must practice good oral hygiene. In addition to having a healthy mouth, you also need to be able to properly care for your trays to prevent infections or other problems.

This supports the idea that wearing Invisalign trays requires responsibility because it need cleaning regularly. Before a dentist in Airdrie will consider you, you will also need to make sure that you clean your teeth daily and that your mouth is free of disease or other issues.

  • You Don’t Smoke

You are not allowed to smoke or use tobacco because your Invisalign trays will be in for the majority of the day. This may cause discoloration and interference with the trays themselves. Your Invisalign treatment may not be as successful as it could be if you smoke excessively and take out your trays as you do so. This is because you aren’t wearing the aligners for the recommended amount of time.

Furthermore, smoking is really bad for your whole body, not just your teeth. This could be the ideal time for you to stop smoking if you want to use Invisalign and smoke.

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign?

Do you qualify for Invisalign? You will probably get the most out of the Invisalign system if you satisfy the six criteria mentioned above.

If you think you might want to begin the Invisalign process, get in touch with Kings Pointe Dental to schedule an appointment. We can evaluate your circumstances and talk about your suitability as a candidate.

Phone or email us today to get started! 

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